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About us

The Legend of Puengngeechiang

From the girl who has grown up in Nakhon Pathom and helped her parent business since 14 years old, Ms.Ngeklung Yanopas has become the owner of Pueng Ngee Chiang Food Product Co.,Ltd, famous manufacturer for pork products for over 50 years in Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand.

The Meaning of Puengngeechiang

When mentioning about pork products such as Chinese Pork Sausage, Flossy Pork Vietnamese Sausage and other delicious choices for souvenir from Korat, Peungngeechiang will be the first one that everybody for thinking by Name and Logo. Pueng is from the last name. Ngee means old. And Chiang means glory. It is named by Ms.Ngeklung Yanopas herself and the logo is her father as well.

From That day to Today

It is not easy for her to start this business. With only a starting capital of 20000 baht which came from her mother. But Ms.Ngeklung was very hardworking ;  She continue to progress every step of the way while at the same time working and learning on running her business. Until today when her business has its own stability and Puengngeechiang becomes one of the successful companies in Thailand with more than 100 branches at PTT gas stations all over the country.

Interior of Peung Ngee Chiang shop Pueng Ngee Chiang branches in Thailand

How to Run the Business

Every challenging problem is a test. But once it is solved. The success is waiting for you. To be honest to yourself and customers. That is our Policy.

Certificated Product for AEC

As we have been in the food industry for such a long time, we have learned that we need to focus on every process, by selecting high quality raw material and ingredients to be manufactured under the safety procedure which is guaranteed by controlling staffs who know best in food science.

With a panoramic vision With experience in the food business. We have developed plant, machinery and products to meet international standards. ASEAN peoples have the opportunity to savor the taste that Thailand has long been known to spread to the world market..

คุณเง็กลั้ง ณาโนภาส

Ngeklung Yanopas

Managing Director
Pueng Ngee Chiang Food Product Co., Ltd.